Fright Knight

by you,yourself

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I did all of this on an iPhone app


released September 13, 2016



all rights reserved


you,yourself Memphis, Tennessee

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Track Name: Having a pretend funeral for someone you once loved
I don't like myself
the cemetery won't help
but without you
I don't know how to get help
so you might as well be dead
and so am I
but stop your crying
stop your crying
shield my eyes
from the moonlight
because I wanna be covered
I wanna be covered
in your eyes
your warmth

"I think if you love someone a lot, and you feel dead without them
you might as well have your own little funeral. But not of yourself, of the person that you were with. you know? He's dead, She's dead they are dead you know? Out of your life, and that's all that matters."
Track Name: Diary entry 9/12/16 . I still love you
Your picture is on my wall
Your diary is in my car
and I know it's gonna be a long way from home
Your diary is in my car
Come get it
I'm not that far
Track Name: And if I was
If I was the ground
no one would walk on me
I'd have a sign and everything
and if I was bubblegum
I'd be the one
stuck on a shoe
What's a sad girl to do
I'm a shoe
and if I was a Halloween decoration
I'd be the kind that no one buys
and if I was the sky
I'd be the sky that no one takes a picture of
they just walk on by
they just walk on by
Track Name: The story of a sad girl artist
She's lost
She's stuck
She wants love
She wants love
She wants love
but it's not enough
it's not enough
cause she feel too much
it's not enough
she wants love
so I found a knife
and I gave it to her
she found love
she found love
with a knife
she made love twice
Track Name: Same day
First you get a girl
then you get a guy
then you get a girl
then you die
im trying to be fast
on this stupid app
then a girl then you wanna take a nap
I wanna kiss a girl
I wanna kiss a guy
I wanna kiss anything
oh my god why
I wanna kiss a girl
I wanna kiss a guy
I wanna kiss a guy
I wanna kiss a girl
I wanna die
please all in the same day
all in the same day